Hand Tools

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Canadian Brick Trowel
By expertly bringing together advanced...
Brickworking Trowels, S & J Hand Tools
Carpenters' Claw Hammers
Used by carpenters for fixing and...
Carpenters' Claw, S & J Hand Tools
Carpenters' Pincers
For gripping and extracting nails and...
Carpenters Pincers, Eclipse Hand Tools, Pliers
Centre Punches
• Used to indent, mark, scribe lines...
Punches, Eclipse Hand Tools
Chain Pipe Wrenches
An adjustable pipe wrench that turns a...
Eclipse Hand Tools, Wrenches
Chalklines & Refills
Ideal for accurate marking of straight...
Brickworking Accessories, Chalklines, S & J Hand Tools
Chuck Type Tap Wrench
• Stepped jaws greatly extend range of...
Chuck Type Tap Wrench, Eclipse Hand Tools
Club Hammers
Used in the building and construction...
Club, S & J Hand Tools
Constant Pitch Holesaws
Constant Pitch - Thin sheet metal...
Eclipse Hand Tools, Holesaws and Arbors
Coping Saws
Coping saw for cutting and shaping in...
Eclipse Hand Tools, Saw Frames
Copper Pipe Slicers & Accessories
For cutting copper tubing. Single...
Eclipse Hand Tools, Pipe Cutters
Copper Tube Cutters & Accessories
For cutting copper, brass, aluminium...
Eclipse Hand Tools, Pipe Cutters
Corner Trowels & Small Tools
Plasters' Accessories, S & J Hand Tools
Cross Pein / Telephone Hammer
CROSS - A small light-weight hammer...
Pein Pin / Telephone, S & J Hand Tools
Curved Jaw Locking Plier
Wear resistant serrated and hardened...
Automotive Locking Pliers, Eclipse Hand Tools, Locking Pliers, Pliers - Locking
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