Small Saw Blades

Small Saw Blades


A selection of small saw blades to suit most applications

Product Specifications: 
Model No.SizeTeeth per inType
71-418R300mm (12")18Bimetal Blades
71-424R300mm (12")24Bimetal Blades
71-432R300mm (12")32Bimetal Blades
71-224R300mm (12")24Silicon Blades
71-132R150mm (6")32Junior Blades
71-114R150mm (6")14Junior Blades - wood
71-230R254mm (10") wood 203mm (8") metal10(W) 24(M)Padsaw blade - pkt2 wood and metal
71-CP7R165mm (6 1/2")14Coping Saw Blades
71-CP24R165mm (6 1/2")24Coping Saw Blades
71-FS5R125mm (5")18Fretsaw Blades
71-624R300mm (12")18/24/32Triple Pack of Hacksaw Blades
73-66SR375mm (15.3/4")10General Purpose Saw Blade
FS32125mm (5")32Fretsaw Blades
FS22125mm (5")22Fretsaw Blades
FS18125mm (5")18Fretsaw Blades
FS16125mm (5")16Fretsaw Blades
PS80125mm (5")80Piercing Saw Blades
PS60125mm (5")60Piercing Saw Blades
PS52125mm (5")52Piercing Saw Blades


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