Copper Tube Cutters & Accessories

Copper Tube Cutters & Accessories


For cutting copper, brass, aluminium and light gauge steel tube. Makes clean, fast cuts, leaving little fash to clear away. The feed screw does not expand during use, so telescopic tube cutters are ideal for use in confined spaces. Each cutter includes an integral deburrer and a spare cutting wheel

Product Specifications: 
Model No.SizeType
ECTC22-SW3-22mmSpare Wheel
ECTC32-SW3-32mmSpare Wheel
ECTC50-SW5-50mmSpare Wheel
ECTC22W-SS3-22mmStainless Steel Spare Wheel for Mini tube cut
ECTC32W-SS3-22mmStainless Steel Spare Wheel for Tel. tube cut
ECTC50W-SS5-50mmStainless Steel Spare Wheel for Tel. tube cut


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