G Clamps - Extra Heavy Duty

G Clamps - Extra Heavy Duty


Ideal for heavy duty fabrication and engineering tasks, where very high clamping forces are often required

• Efficiency: the swivel shoe applies an even pressure, even on angled surfaces
• Maximum Clamping Force: Substantial acme thread for greater applicable torque
• Safety: the tommy bar will bend before the frame can become over-stressed
• Maximum Strength: sturdy, drop forged steel frame gives a proof load of over 2,000kg (4,400lbs) on the larger sizes

Product Specifications: 
Model No.Clamping Capacity
E21-3 75mm (3")
E21-4100mm (4")
E21-6150mm (6")
E21-8200mm (8")
E21-10250mm (10")
E21-12300mm (12")


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