Eclipse HT3 'Highwayman' Torque Multipliers

Eclipse HT3 'Highwayman' Torque Multipliers


A torque multiplier is a device that increases the torque that can be applied.  Because the power output cannot
exceed the power input, the number of output revolutions will be lower than the number of input revolutions (torque x rpm = power).

•  5:1 torque multiplication with a guaranteed accuracy of better than +/- 4%.
•  Two reaction bar styles for maximum versatility.
•  Robust construction for minimum maintenance  and a longer life.
•  Spare ¾” output square included in the 1300 N.m kit.
•  Robust carry case ideal for inclusion in a heavy vehicle tool kit.

Product Specifications: 
Part No.Range N.MRange Ibf.ftRatioInput SqOutput SqTotal WeightReaction Weight


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