Mechanics' Vices and Spares

Mechanics' Vices and Spares


The body and sliding jaw are manufactured from high quality grey cast iron, which has excellent shock absorbing qualities. The precision milled slide ensures a fast, smooth operation, whilst the fused tommy bar will bend before the vice can become over-stressed. Includes hardened steel replaceable jaws and fixing holes for bench mounting

Product Specifications: 
Model No.SizeWidthThroat DepthOpeningWeightClamping Force
EMV-175mm (3")Jaw48mm82mm4.8kg Net20
EMV-3100mm (4")100mm (4") Jaw63mm109mm9.3kg Net25
EMV-5125mm (5")125mm (5") Jaw73mm136mm15.8kg Net30
EMV-6150mm (6")150mm (6") Jaw86mm168mm24.2kg Net35
EMV-8200mm (8")200mm (8") Jaw103mm208mm38.1kg Net45
Spare Jaws
EMV-1JPSPair of Jaw Plates with screws for EMV-1
EMV-3JPSPair of Jaw Plates with screws for EMV-3
EMV-5JPSPair of Jaw Plates with screws for EMV-5
EMV-6JPSPair of Jaw Plates with screws for EMV-6
EMV-8JPSPair of Jaw Plates with screws for EMV-8


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