G Clamps

G Clamps


Average clamping force of 300 – 800kg (660 – 1760lbs). Guaranteed unbreakable malleable iron frame with a fast action twin start rolled acme thread. The steel swivel shoe applies an even pressure, even on angled surfaces, whilst the tommy bar will bend before the frame can become over-stressed

Product Specifications: 
Model No.Clamping CapacityFrame Proof Load
E20-375mm (3")1000lbs / 455kg
E20-4100mm (4")1200lbs / 545kg
E20-6150mm (6")1400lbs / 636kg
E20-8200mm (8")1700lbs / 773kg
E20-10250mm (10")2000lbs / 909kg
E20-12300mm (12")2500lbs / 1136kg


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