Scouts benefit from Eclipse products!

Back in October 2017 we received a request from a small volunteer children’s organisation in The Netherlands, The Water scouts, asking us to supply them with one of our Eclipse Extra wide jaw Adjustable Wrenches to help with the maintenance of their clubhouse and sail boats.

Run entirely by volunteers The Water scouts are based in a small village in the south of The Netherlands.  They have around 50 children who meet weekly at their custom-built clubhouse which is an old cargo ship which they bought in the 1980's and converted themselves. The Water scouts engage in a number of water-based activities including sailing and rowing and keeping their vessels fully maintained.

The hand tools that the Water Scouts were using were becoming tired after much hard work and many were broken. The team at Spear and Jackson decided to help out by sending them not only the Extra wide jaw adjustable wrench which they had asked for, but also a donation of a wider selection of Spear and Jackson and Eclipse tools for professional wood working applications to replenish their tool box.

Paul Boonen confirmed that the tools have been safely received and that they were already being used.

We are delighted to have been able to support the Water scouts and hope the donated tools will allow them to enjoy many more happy hours out on the water.

Boats on water with scouts Water scouts

Boats on water


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