United Pacific Industries Group

United Pacific Industries Limited (UPI) is a diversified holding company with substantial interests in the OEM electronics and battery products
industries serving consumer, business and industrial needs; since July 2006, in Hand and Garden Tools, Magnetics and Metrology; and since July 2008,
in Semiconductors.

Listed on the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited, the Company's substantial shareholders, which include Investor AB, make significant
contributions to its diversity and financial strength.

Investor information: http://unitedpacific.quamir.com

S&J Group

Over the years, Spear & Jackson’s products have become widely recognised for their heritage and high quality. The Group has expanded through acquisitions and we have also reduced costs by relocating selected manufacturing operations to Asia.

We have three principal divisions engaged in a range of business operations:

• Tools   • Precision measurement   • Magnetic technologies

We have extended our operations into other territories and now have manufacturing sites, distribution centres and sales offices in key locations around the world.

Our three principal divisions consist of internationally recognised subsidiary companies engaged in a range of business activities.

Each of these divisions operates autonomously within the Group. This autonomy, we believe, encourages management independence, entrepreneurism and ownership. However, we’re also keen to ensure that no rigid divisional barriers exist that would prevent a cross-flow of expertise, skills and ideas where these would benefit the group as a whole. We design, manufacture and assemble products that are sold all over the world.

For more information on the group visit our new website www.spearandjacksongroup.com






World leader in the manufacture of bore gauging systems and internal micrometers

Pantene Industrial Company Ltd

Pantene Industrial is one of Asia's largest producers of voltage converters, mobile phone and power tool chargers.

It also manufactures a range of electronic products that includes switching power supply products, power adapters, cordsets and coils.

Producer of Cast Alnico, Ferrite and Rare Earth magnets. It also manufactures
high performance magnetic workholding and materials handling equipment.


Design and manufacture of precision tools and measuring instruments


The use of leadframes in the semiconductor industry has made massive advances since it's first inception into electronic products. Miniaturization and the need for more components on the same or smaller-sized PCB's has pushed the design from a simple concept with a minimum number of leads connecting the electrical architecture of the chip to the main circuitry of the PCB into both an intricate and complex design.
JPE is proud to be able to support this advancement since 1981, meeting both stringent dimensional and quality requirements,
through our stamping and etching technological know-how.


The world's premier manufacturer of specialist wood working tools

   Eclipse Tools North America Inc. is a newly formed corporation wholly
owned by the Spear and Jackson group.


Dedicated to selling woodturning & woodworking tools & supplies
throughout the UK





Spear & Jackson France: Garden tools and accessories for the French market :
forks, thermometers, loppers...

Spear & Jackson Power website, featuring garden power tools manufactured under licence www.spearandjackson-power.com

Spear & Jackson is a trading name of Neill Tools Limited. Digital Marketing by Livelink New Media
Registered in England. No: 609353
Spear and Jackson
TYZACK Building and Plastering Tools
Professional Tools by Eclipse