Broad Heel Brick Trowels

Broad Heel Brick Trowels


TYZACK Brickwork Tools By expertly bringing together advanced technology, the best design and a genuine commitment to total quality, TYZACK offers a comprehensive range of superb pointing and brickwork trowels
• Solid Forged - for extra strength
• High lift for extra knuckle clearance
• Hardened and tempered for the right balance between rigidity and flexibility
• Taper ground, thin to toe - increased flexibilty 

Spear & Jackson Brickwork Tools this range of tools is ideal for the price conscious professional, jobbing builder or DIY-er. All the tools are designed for hard wearing performance, comfort and ease of use when carrying out tasks such as brickwork, plastering, flooring and cement work.

Product Specifications: 
Model No.SizeHandleBrand
10110V10"Short Wood CappedTYZACK
10111BW11"Long Wood CappedTYZACK
10111N11"Short Wood CappedTYZACK
10112Q12"Short Wood CappedTYZACK
20212V12"Short Wood CappedTYZACK
10110SF10"Soft FeelTYZACK
10111SF11"Soft FeelTYZACK
10510B10"WoodSPEAR & JACKSON
10511B11"WoodSPEAR & JACKSON
11610BSF10"Soft GripSPEAR & JACKSON


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